Wednesday, December 12, 2012

makin menjadi jadi


hari-hari aku WAJIB bawak dua jenis bekal, satu untuk breakfast and satu lgik untuk lunch. selalunya breakfast mama masak nasik lemak ke, bihun goreng ke, roti ke roti canai ke then nasik n lauk at least 1 lauk maksimum dua.

tapi tu pun tak mampu membendung kelaparan melampau yang aku alami. aku selalu g beli buah 3bungkus tapi tak mampu jugak.

kadang-kadang pukul5stgh drive balik umah mulut ni dh tkumat kamit..bukan bzikir tapi “lapar oi lapar..cpt la sampai ” tskkk…. smpe rumah letak beg trus bukak tudung saji. dasyat kan.

harini lapar gila dah walaupun aku dah telan roti dgn jem tiga keping. tak smpt rehat aku dh masuk pantry melantak nasik bekal aku. habis bekal trus bergegas beli buah tiga ringgit. pastu begegas lgi pergi juara mart ( first time pergi slps 3bulan intern haha) amek tu amek ni enam hengget dah. so total dh 9hengget aku membeli.

harap2 bertahan la sampai 5setengah hendaknya. duit pon tinggal 4hengget dlm dompet ni ha.

Bas Rapid


Dialog suami isteri


somi: kawan abang keja technician bus rapid. Nampak macam orang kaya ja.

isteri : eh keja bus rapid memang lah kaya. jadik drebar bus pon gaji dh 3 ribu plus belum campur elaun.

somi : eh yer ke..nak jadik drebar bus rapid lah **nada serius**

isteri : tepuk dahi ***blur****blur*****


tidakkah beliau tahu menjadik drebar bus itu sangat lah boring…asek ulang ulang route yang sama hari2. mata duitan trus sbb bini high maintenance kot haha.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012





Rasa macam nak keluarkan blog baru January’13 pulak. haha mengada sungguh.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012




Lesson learnt today :

Never stop of trying. Nothing is easy at first try. Never quit to myself!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Moving out and moving in



InsyaAllah by this January, our little family of two will be moving to our little castle. We don’t look for it yet but I think we already agreed on the location. Near for my husband to go to work and near to shopping malls as well. Easy for me to go shopping haha. It’s also close by the UiTM and Polytechnic where my husband assist the Silat class.

I don’t mind whether terrace, flat or apartment. Either one will be okay as long as it is safe and comfortable. So, my husband and I decided to start collecting necessary equipment for our house. For sure it is very important one that we can’t live without it and easy to lift when we move. Not refrigerator or washer machine. Those things can buy later.

So far we only have cooking set like pan and so forth the one my husband bought when he was at US and also dishes also bought when he was there too.Two irons, two kettle, mugs and bedsheet. (trying to give hint. guys please understandddd) hahahaha

Think of buying :

1. stove

2. rice cooker

3. oven

4. food processor

5. lesung batu (najwa promise to give one)


So far just all of these until December.  Others can grab later. Yeay can’t wait to go shopping!


An advice


“Keep calm and live your life”

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day out with friends


Bukit Bendera with Paah





Dinner with Pijah and Paah


Short review on Revlon ColorStay foundation



Actually, I’m having skin problem which is too oily! Every time I applied powder it will lasts only for half an hour or an hour.

Then my face will look dull and shining. I tried every single things people said it’s good for oily skin, make your make up lasts longer, do not shine your face and bla bla bla.

I tried maybelline bb cream, cosmoderm bb cream, ronasutra powder, pixy powder, miami powder and others which I can’t recalls. But, sadly all didn’t perform as my expectations and as what people said.

All those things didn’t suit my skin Sad smile

However, I don’t give up. Keep asking Google. At first I would like to give a try to Premier Collagen Moistful by Etude. I’ve tried it. Yes it works. It makes your make up lasts and turn your face slightly red like you are using blusher. Even when you are sweating it looks pretty good and sweeter. Hihi.

I don’t buy it. I used the one by my sis. When I keep googling on what products that suit oily face, make make up last longer and etc, I found a review on Revlon ColorStay. I get interested and read others review about it. Then I fall in love. haha

Went to Watsons the next day and grabbed it. Thank you to husband of course because that night he asked me to list anything that I need to buy for tomorrow day out. The retail price is RM58 but that time Watsons give discount on that product. So, RM53.

Overall, I’m happy using it. It matte and does not make your face shine. It lasts longer approximately 5 hour to me because I applied it thinly. Once you applied it on your face, you won’t have to apply compact powder anymore hehe. Your face looks flawless using it and you will keep adoring your face hahahaha.

The bad things about this does not have pumps and it mouth is too big. So be careful when using it Sad smile.



Picture from Google


Picture from Google


At first I applied it to face using sponge but now using brush because sponge will absorb the foundation. Seriously it’s a waste. So, I turn to brush. Yeay.

Hurm okay so anyone interested to get that can quickly go to Watsons.  Btw it have two types oily and combination skin the one I’m using right now and the other one I can’t recall. I’m sorry Smile with tongue out

Having a car



Tips on having your own car based on my experiences. 

When you think of having your own car. The most important is you must assure that you have sufficient MONEY.

Enough money for :

Down payment

For the down payment you need to have at least 10% of your car price. Usually to smoothen the procedure of car loans from bank you are advised to pay the down payment. But there is way for you to make full loans in which mean bank will pay the whole amount of your car.

In my situation, I used my mom’s as my guarantor so I make loans using my mom’s salary statement. Viva EZ cost 37+ thousand MYR. So, I did applied for RM37000 minus RM3700 (down payment) = RM 33300. However, bank only approved for RM 32000. That’s mean my down payment increase to be RM 5000. So I pay 5k directly to Perodua.


Monthly payment

About monthly payment to bank. The mark up price bank took is 2.95% so I have to pay 8k+32k in 9 years while monthly payment is RM 380. So total amount I lend from bank is RM40k

And prepare some money for bank insurance and account opening and so forth okay. In my case it costs me almost RM 500. Sad smile



For my Viva, I choose Esso because its saves a lot Smile. I travelled to work 35km everyday. Fuel costs me RM 100 per month. Aaaaaa. Jealous much? Then buy a Viva. Smile with tongue out 

When you own a car when you are not working yet I started to appreciate the fuel haha. I don’t simply go out wherever I like. Otherwise, the fuel will not be sufficient to go to work. Btw, my mom give RM100 per month for fuel so extra fuel will just make my purse thin. 

Fyi, full tank for Viva is approximately RM60 but it lasts longer.


Washing your car

For the lazy person like me, I will just leave this job to the bangla automatic carwash near my house. RM 4 once per week. Or RM 8 clean and vacuum service. But I rarely vacuum because no one board my car. Only me. So only the driver’s seat being used. I clean it myself.

Why waste when the others seat is very clean just like the first day I got my car? Hehe



Service killed me too. EH, killed my mom indirectly. haha. So be prepare for car services okay. For Perodua, services are for every 1000km, 5000km and 10000km. It’s compulsory . Likely, hundreds or more than hundreds each time. Major service cost more Smile with tongue out . Just be prepared.



When you own a car, you will like to embellish your car with cute pillows, pillows to support your head when driving, car’s perfume, car’s tinted and others. And also for Viva, it looks quite not cute without the spoiler and good rims. So you might want to spend some money on that. I don’t intend to modify anything because I planned to save the money to buy my dreams car Smile with tongue out

For car’s tinted I spent RM400. So no more money to buy expensive car’s perfume. Bought cheaper one RM 3. Hihi.

So overall money spent to get myself a car  at the beginning is … RM5000 ( dp ) + RM500 (bank procedure ) + RM400 (tinted) = Plus minus 6k . This does not include fuel and monthly payment yet.


That is why I opt for Viva for beginning. Couldn’t afford expensive car yet. The expensive the car, the more I will have to spend. Urghhh… Gonna have to fast a year then. 

What more? Car’s insurance once in a year. Expensive car costs more. Smile 

Ok that’s it. A little bit of sharing.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tie the knot


Signing the agreement of joining the two souls into one

7th July 2012