Sunday, October 21, 2012

Having a car



Tips on having your own car based on my experiences. 

When you think of having your own car. The most important is you must assure that you have sufficient MONEY.

Enough money for :

Down payment

For the down payment you need to have at least 10% of your car price. Usually to smoothen the procedure of car loans from bank you are advised to pay the down payment. But there is way for you to make full loans in which mean bank will pay the whole amount of your car.

In my situation, I used my mom’s as my guarantor so I make loans using my mom’s salary statement. Viva EZ cost 37+ thousand MYR. So, I did applied for RM37000 minus RM3700 (down payment) = RM 33300. However, bank only approved for RM 32000. That’s mean my down payment increase to be RM 5000. So I pay 5k directly to Perodua.


Monthly payment

About monthly payment to bank. The mark up price bank took is 2.95% so I have to pay 8k+32k in 9 years while monthly payment is RM 380. So total amount I lend from bank is RM40k

And prepare some money for bank insurance and account opening and so forth okay. In my case it costs me almost RM 500. Sad smile



For my Viva, I choose Esso because its saves a lot Smile. I travelled to work 35km everyday. Fuel costs me RM 100 per month. Aaaaaa. Jealous much? Then buy a Viva. Smile with tongue out 

When you own a car when you are not working yet I started to appreciate the fuel haha. I don’t simply go out wherever I like. Otherwise, the fuel will not be sufficient to go to work. Btw, my mom give RM100 per month for fuel so extra fuel will just make my purse thin. 

Fyi, full tank for Viva is approximately RM60 but it lasts longer.


Washing your car

For the lazy person like me, I will just leave this job to the bangla automatic carwash near my house. RM 4 once per week. Or RM 8 clean and vacuum service. But I rarely vacuum because no one board my car. Only me. So only the driver’s seat being used. I clean it myself.

Why waste when the others seat is very clean just like the first day I got my car? Hehe



Service killed me too. EH, killed my mom indirectly. haha. So be prepare for car services okay. For Perodua, services are for every 1000km, 5000km and 10000km. It’s compulsory . Likely, hundreds or more than hundreds each time. Major service cost more Smile with tongue out . Just be prepared.



When you own a car, you will like to embellish your car with cute pillows, pillows to support your head when driving, car’s perfume, car’s tinted and others. And also for Viva, it looks quite not cute without the spoiler and good rims. So you might want to spend some money on that. I don’t intend to modify anything because I planned to save the money to buy my dreams car Smile with tongue out

For car’s tinted I spent RM400. So no more money to buy expensive car’s perfume. Bought cheaper one RM 3. Hihi.

So overall money spent to get myself a car  at the beginning is … RM5000 ( dp ) + RM500 (bank procedure ) + RM400 (tinted) = Plus minus 6k . This does not include fuel and monthly payment yet.


That is why I opt for Viva for beginning. Couldn’t afford expensive car yet. The expensive the car, the more I will have to spend. Urghhh… Gonna have to fast a year then. 

What more? Car’s insurance once in a year. Expensive car costs more. Smile 

Ok that’s it. A little bit of sharing.



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