Sunday, October 21, 2012

Short review on Revlon ColorStay foundation



Actually, I’m having skin problem which is too oily! Every time I applied powder it will lasts only for half an hour or an hour.

Then my face will look dull and shining. I tried every single things people said it’s good for oily skin, make your make up lasts longer, do not shine your face and bla bla bla.

I tried maybelline bb cream, cosmoderm bb cream, ronasutra powder, pixy powder, miami powder and others which I can’t recalls. But, sadly all didn’t perform as my expectations and as what people said.

All those things didn’t suit my skin Sad smile

However, I don’t give up. Keep asking Google. At first I would like to give a try to Premier Collagen Moistful by Etude. I’ve tried it. Yes it works. It makes your make up lasts and turn your face slightly red like you are using blusher. Even when you are sweating it looks pretty good and sweeter. Hihi.

I don’t buy it. I used the one by my sis. When I keep googling on what products that suit oily face, make make up last longer and etc, I found a review on Revlon ColorStay. I get interested and read others review about it. Then I fall in love. haha

Went to Watsons the next day and grabbed it. Thank you to husband of course because that night he asked me to list anything that I need to buy for tomorrow day out. The retail price is RM58 but that time Watsons give discount on that product. So, RM53.

Overall, I’m happy using it. It matte and does not make your face shine. It lasts longer approximately 5 hour to me because I applied it thinly. Once you applied it on your face, you won’t have to apply compact powder anymore hehe. Your face looks flawless using it and you will keep adoring your face hahahaha.

The bad things about this does not have pumps and it mouth is too big. So be careful when using it Sad smile.



Picture from Google


Picture from Google


At first I applied it to face using sponge but now using brush because sponge will absorb the foundation. Seriously it’s a waste. So, I turn to brush. Yeay.

Hurm okay so anyone interested to get that can quickly go to Watsons.  Btw it have two types oily and combination skin the one I’m using right now and the other one I can’t recall. I’m sorry Smile with tongue out


Vicky Hoang said...

have you tried blotting sheets? rice paper blotting sheets? my boyfriend has an oily face and he uses that! try it please and tell me how it goes :)

Ifah Ibrahim said...

vicky : hi vicky thank you for dropping the the way what is the brand of that blotting paper? interested :)