Saturday, October 27, 2012

Moving out and moving in



InsyaAllah by this January, our little family of two will be moving to our little castle. We don’t look for it yet but I think we already agreed on the location. Near for my husband to go to work and near to shopping malls as well. Easy for me to go shopping haha. It’s also close by the UiTM and Polytechnic where my husband assist the Silat class.

I don’t mind whether terrace, flat or apartment. Either one will be okay as long as it is safe and comfortable. So, my husband and I decided to start collecting necessary equipment for our house. For sure it is very important one that we can’t live without it and easy to lift when we move. Not refrigerator or washer machine. Those things can buy later.

So far we only have cooking set like pan and so forth the one my husband bought when he was at US and also dishes also bought when he was there too.Two irons, two kettle, mugs and bedsheet. (trying to give hint. guys please understandddd) hahahaha

Think of buying :

1. stove

2. rice cooker

3. oven

4. food processor

5. lesung batu (najwa promise to give one)


So far just all of these until December.  Others can grab later. Yeay can’t wait to go shopping!



chocolatierz said...

haha nyampah...tggu 2 taun aku keja dpt gaji baik punya cek bg lesung

mOoN said...

blender aku janji nak bagi ri tue nnt aku bagi hehehe

mOoN said...

ri tue aku janji nk bg blender nnt aku bagi

'Aamiera Irna said...

hohoho best nye puan tipah!!!

Cik Jelly Chan (CJC) said...

alas kaki untuk toilet nanti aku bagi...haha